How To Make Applcation?

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How To Make Applcation?

Post by Ahmedstrike on Fri Aug 07, 2015 1:00 pm

Welcome Everybody!

There some rules you should follow it or your Application will be "REJECTED"
1)Don't use Colors , You're allowed to use the normal Color
2)Don't Insult or Flame someone or use bad words
3)You're Allowed to Write In English Only

The Format:

What Do you Want To be (VIP/Moderator)
Choose »BlackDeath« Server:(Jail/ShotGun)

Your Nick Name:
Your USGN Name:
Your Age:
Your Real Name:
You Are ?:(User/VIP)
Do You Have Skills?
which languages do You speak?
Your Time on server:
Your Rank on Server:
Why do you thing that you are good enough for this position?

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