Rules for Forum/Server

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Rules for Forum/Server

Post by Ahmedstrike on Wed Jan 27, 2016 2:19 pm

Warning: Everyone should follow the rules Because it may result with Ban!


1)First of all you must behave and polite
2)Don't Insult - Flame
3)Don't Post useless comments
4)You're Allowed to talk in English Only!
5)Don't create multiple accounts
6)Don't spam PM

If Vip/Mod break any rules of those , he/she will be demoted


2)Don't Insult - Flame
3)Dont use hack because it result with ban
4)Mods/Vips Shouldn't abuse their power on players
5)Don't make your own Rules!
6)Don't Spam
7)Multiple connections Isn't allowed , If you want to play with someone with same ip Make sure that USGN Id is Different
8)If you Saw hacker or Someone break any rule , Report him
9)You should listen to what mods/vip says

There will be more rules Soon!

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